Tips on Using A Marcel Curling Iron!

Daven Mayeda Hairstylist s

I LOOVE 3/4″ Marcel Curling Irons, here is a picture of the album artwork I shot with the amazing songstress Lauren Alaina. I had so much fun doing her music video “Like My Mother Does” as well.  I wrapped her sections of hair around a 3/4″ iron and let them completely cool before giving them a gentle tease with my fingers.  Happy Curling!



Here is a new tutorial I did on mastering this amazing invention.

The Marcel Curling is quite an old invention actually.  They used to have marcel irons of all shapes and sizes, but now manufacturers stick to conventional shapes and sizes.

Some of my GOTO favorite Marcel Iron sizes are the

1″ Marcel Curling Iron- For perfect loose, polished waves that can imitate a soft blowout.

3/4″ Marcel Curling Iron-  Great for short hair, shoulder length hair and for long loose waves.


Which Curling irons are your favorite?

Here is the link to my latest video with some tips and tricks about using a marcel curling iron.  Happy practicing!

Send me Pictures Via Twitter! I would love to see!



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New Work! Hairstyle that will repair your hair!

Hi Everyone! It may look like this style is wet, but I used lots of leave-in conditioner to create this look.  Try utilizing the healing qualities of any deep conditioner or leave in conditioner and pair it with a sexy side part for an instant 80′s throwback.

Hair by Daven Mayeda Photography by Chris Callaway Makeup by Juanita Lyons

Hair by Daven Mayeda Photography by Chris Callaway Makeup by Juanita Lyons


Try using DevaCurl One Condition for any hair type! This is also great if you’re going to wear your hair in a bun or top knot, that way no one will know your healing your hair while ROCKING an amazing style!



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New Work! Real Hair or Fake Hair?

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to show you a new editorial I did with Photographer Rob Deutschmann.  This amazing shot was created by clipping in lots and lots of extensions to create the illusion of fullness.  I razored the ends of all of the clip in extension so that they would fly when our gorgeous model whipped her hair back and forth.  The make up was super chic and glowy, and Patrick Defontbrune chose to leave her skin translucent to show of her amazing freckles.

Do you have super long hair and don’t know what to do with it?

Makeup by Patrick Defontbrune Photography by Rob Deutschmann Hair by Daven Mayeda Wardrobe by Sybil

Makeup by Patrick Defontbrune Photography by Rob Deutschmann
Hair by Daven Mayeda Wardrobe by Sybil

If you are shorter than 5’10, try keeping your hair legnth just past your armpits at the longest to prevent you from looking shorter!



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What makes haircolor fade?

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New Work! Short Hair Advice!

This Monday i’m all about short hair.  I wanted to show you an easy style I did on a photoshoot with the amazing photographer Karla Ticas.  I used a 1/2″ curling iron to wave 1/4″ sections back off the face.  I gently teasted the root and pinned sections loosly backwards off the face.  I love the make up that Celebrity Makeup Artist Leibi Carias rocked.  It was a great addition to the elegance of Karla’s photography.

Photography by Karla Ticas Makeup by Leibi Carias Hair by Daven Mayeda

Photography by Karla Ticas Makeup by Leibi Carias Hair by Daven Mayeda

Please follow my friends on Twitter @KarlaTicas @LeibiCarias

Do you have short hair? What you do you do with it for special events?


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Blonde haircolor Help?

Are you a blonde or were a natural blonde and still struggling to preserve your color?

Unfortunately with lighter hair, the sun,beach and environment can really wash away your color and leave you brassy.  Some of my friends have asked  me which color line is best for blonde hair. My clients seem to like Redken Chromatics the best because of its resistance to fading.

Blonde Hair Help!

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How to pin up your bangs without a bobby pin!

Sometimes when you’re in pe class or on the go you don’t have time to find a bobby pin in your purse.  my friend cindy vela and i are going to show you a way to pin up your bangs without using a bobby pin.

Take a square section from your bangs and comb them backwards take a small 1/4″ section from each side and tie them like a shoelace without the bow.  use the ends to loop it around another 2 or three times.

When you pull the stands of hair you’ll notice it will stay in place and voila! Your bangs are out of your face!

Thank you so much for watching!

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Trying to find a great haircolor for Red Hair?

Many people ask me what color line they should use for red tones and copper colored hair.  Here is a great article on tips on using haircolor that works with your hair tone!


Breakthrough formula features protein extracts that penetrate deep into every strand, leaving hair 2X fortified vs. uncolored hair.

Say goodbye to that typical salon haircolor smell. The revolutionary Zero Ammonia formula means no odor, no discomfort—just amazing color.

3. 100% COVERAGE

Your stylist can cover gray flawlessly while leaving hair shiny, conditioned and fortified.

Hair is infused with long-lasting color that’s radiant and multi-dimensional—never dull or flat.
Chromatics features an incredible range of shades including brilliant brunettes, vibrant reds and beautiful blondes, so your stylist can custom blend a Chromatics color that’s perfect for you.

Click Here to see the full Article

Red Hair Bombshel

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New Work! Big Sexy Loose Waves!

I had the opportunity of working with Editorial Photographer Chris Callaway and the amazing Makeup Artist Juanita Lyons. We spent the day create a throw back to old California style with nuances of model beach life.  My inspiration for this look was to create a sexy, chic, effortless girl who always seems to take your breathe away.

If you want to turn up the heat in your life, try a deep side part while sweeping your hair to one side.  It will give you an instant 50′s inspired vibe paird with almost any outfit!

What do you think of this look? Would you ever try it?

Here is some new work from an editorial in Los Angeles

Here is some new work from an editorial in Los Angeles


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Makeup Tip of the Day! Big Faux Eyelashes for Halloween!!

If you’re not used to wearing false lashes, they can seem pretty daunting at first.  The thought of gluing a foreign object to the base of your eyelid isn’t really something that sounds appealing to some people.

This halloween, if you’re itching to try something new and want to give faux lashes a try, I have some tips for you!

1.  Criss Cross Lashes are great to add tons of volume and legnth.  The crossing hairs will help blend into your real eyelashes so that you won’t look like a sleepy cow.

2.  Curl and put mascara on your lashes BEFORE putting on your falsies.  This will help to create a sturdy base to rest the lashes on when you’re frantically trying to stick it onto your eyelid.

3.  Lashes will and can change your eyeshape.  If you’re unsure about which ones will look best on you, try and get ones like these (Picture above) where the hairs are longer in the middle than on the ends.  Its more of a “Bambi” eye =).

Duo has an eyelash glue that comes in black! This is great to hide the glue if you’re doing a smokey eye or are a beginner.  Don’t use the black glue if you’re using light makeup! If you mess up, you’ll have black everywhere!

I got lots of lashes and glue at Target, I’m going to do a tutorial soon on them!

What are your favorite lashes/Glue? I want to know!!!