My Grandma is Famous!

So After my little “Beauty Day with Grandma Video” launched, I let my grandma see and read all of the comments.

She couldn’t believe how it was possible that more than 70,000 people saw her.

It makes me so excited to give my grandma the opportunity to shine and allow the world to see her.

Thank you for making her feel so welcome and I appreciate every one of you!

Omg im starting to cry i’m going to have to go on a krispe kreme binge lol.

Do something nice for your grandparents, parents, or loved ones. . . .

Ever since the begining of my career, I have sent handwritten thank you cards to all of the people that have helped me along the way. I honestly believe that doing this has given me ooooober good karma points! And child, we need all the points we can get these days!

Try something special, don’t be selfish and don’t be lazy! Tell the people who deserve to be thanked today before its too late!

I got these little rustic ones because i’m like totally into nature, so yeah.  go rustic cards! haha

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