Curly Hair Trends

Hey all of your curly girls!
I’ve seen so many curly hair trends this summer I can’t write them all!

Here are my top three secrets to keeping your mop from looking like SideShow Bob =)

1. Air Dry Air Dry Air Dry! Did I say Air Dry?
Air Drying your hair will help your curl dry in its natural position =)
2. I know you’re going to lazily pin up that hair into a chip clip and run out of the house, try just curling your
bangs for a quick up-do sort of look. (Kinda)
Its better than putting heat to your whole head then realizing at Noon that its too hot and you’re gonna toss it
back into a ponytail!
3. I’ve seen lots of ombre bleached ends on curly hair! This is a super hot trend that looks better on curly hair than
it does on straight hair =)
(In my opinion)

If your hair is friend, try a deep conditioner every week!

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  1. Jasmine
    Posted August 20, 2012 at 5:16 pm | Permalink

    Hey Daven! I have really curly hair and dont know that many styles so I was kinda hoping you can make more hairstyles! I’m going back to school in a week so if you have time do you think you can make a tutorial? I just kinda hate wearing my hair in the same style! THUMBS UP SO HE CAN SEE!

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