Help my Flat hair!

“Help me my hair is sooooo flat!” – Annie F.

Hi everyone, I always get tweets about how to help you all take care of your hair! I just can’t fit all of my advice on the little Twitter msg box =( Its so frustrating!

One of my BFF’s asked me what she should do for her super flat, stick striaight hair.

Here is my advice for flat hair in three easy steps.

1.  Change Shampoos-  Constantly using the same shampoo can result in buildup and can weigh your hair down, especially if you have fine hair.

2.  Let your hair dry in a top knot.  Let your hair dry in a loose top knot bun to help boost up the roots during the drying process.  Make sure your hair isn’t super tight, or else you might break off more than you’d like =( Super sad face.

3.  Try a volume dry shampoo! I love the Volume Maker by Shu Uemura.  I recently reviewed it for the Fall Issue of Genlux Magazine as one of my top 10 Picks that will Perk up your hair this fall!

Shop Online! Http://

What are some of your advice for achieving mega volume? I want to know!



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  1. Misty
    Posted September 12, 2012 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    How do you help flat, fine CURLY hair? Help! I have “triangle hair” (flat on top, poufy as it gets to the bottom)!!!!!!

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