Hm. . .what kind of hairspray is the a good “Non-Hairspray Hairspray”?

“Non-Hairspray Hairspray”?

If you know exactly what I mean when I say that, then you have been a victim of crispy, alcohol smelling, bad hairspray that probrably damaged your hair more then held it into place.

Hairsprays that are lower quality have higher alcohol levels and can be very damaging to the locks you are trying to grow out.

I like a variety of hairsprays, but one of my favorites right now is the Kenra Art Formation Finishing Spray. It gives lots of volume, and a crushable hold great for holding up any style.

Photography by Ben Cope, Makeup by Roshar

Here are some of my tips when using hairspray

1. Always spray it about 12 inches away from your hair and spray it in circular motions to help diffuse the mist.

2.  Let your hair dry before doing too much to it.  Some hairsprays are working hairsprays, which are meant to be used before ironing and teasing, but others, like this one from Kenra, is a finishing spray, meant to freeze your style into place while giving it a touchable hold.

3.  Keep your hairspray cans away from your curling irons! Your hairspray can and will explode if left next to a curling iron while its on full heat! Beauty is fun but always be careful!!!

What is your favorite hairspray????

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