I Hate Mondays, I’m Sleepy

It is monday, you’re stuck in history class pretending to pay attention and texting your friend in english class.

Boredom is a friend that I have known for a long time who I see often. Why don’t they teach us in school what
to do when were bored or how to cure boredom???
People!! Come on!
Here are some of my tips for being productive when you’re eyes are glazed over with boredom.
1. Figure out one fun way that you can help out your parents around the house. Wether it be planting an herb, flower,
or rearranging the couches, anything that you do to improve their living situation will definately get you some brownie points.
2. Even if you’re 14, its never to early to dream about where you would like to see yourself when you’re 30.
Thinking about the future is a great way to daydream productively, because it will give you something to work hard for!
3. Organize your backpack. I know you probrably throw everything in there haphazardly, but the more organized you are
the easier it will to find things! .
4. Practice braiding your hair! Don’t tell your teacher or your parents that I told you this, but if you’re bored at school, practice braiding or something,
I swear you’ll be a pro by 6th period!

See! So many things to do to cure your monday boredom!

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  1. Posted August 29, 2012 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    T to the R to the U to the E! It’s going to be a sticky note on my school desk!

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