My make up kit is a mess. . . . . Help me!!


Have you guys ever seen this thing???? Its a new company based in Los Angeles!

I heard there was quite a bit of gossip about these luxurious Ice Boxes by local celebrities and I just had to find out what the buzz was from the owner herself!

So here’s the deal, each of these items are hand made and one of a kind.

I always react very weary when I see new products at shows.   I am always picky about design, hinges, drawer depths, capacities, durability, movability (Because I like to move stuff around alot =(!) amongst other things.

I have all of my makeup in plastic drawers from Walmart. . .not no glamorous.  Don’t get my wrong, my professional kit looks amazing, but my STORAGE kits look really bad.  I think I found a way to finally make every VISIBLE!!! AHHHH!!! Why do drawer companies make more drawers that are see through???? AHHH!! Where is everything??!

SherrieBlossom, Thanks for Feng Shui-ing my life with your lovely drawers.  I”m gonna get one for my mom so she can make a little vanity.  OMG its almost Christmas!!

Check them out if you get a chance!
Thank you so much for all of your love!

What organization tips do you have with your makeup? Maybe you can help me organize my set bags!!!! Any Ideas for fast ways to organize makeup?



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