Mr. Shu Uemura was born in 1928.  He had early dreams of becoming a famous actor on the silver screen.  His dreams were dashed at a young age when he contracted an illness that would prevent him from pursuing his acting dreams.  He later decided to become a makeup artist and enrolled in the Tokyo Makeup Academy.  He was the only guy out of 100+ students!

Mr. Uemura’s big break came in 1955 when he landed the role as key makeup artist for the movie “My Geisha”.  He transformed Shirley Mclaine into the iconic Geisha role she became.  He later returned to Japan to open up his Makeup Academy in Tokyo.

He started his makeup line which has dominated the beauty industry for years.  The Art of Hair, a subdivision of the Shu Uemura line, was launched to cater to the needs of the modern stylist while infusing his products with lush, mineral rich ingredients that come from some of the most exotic places in the world.

I love the Liquid Fabric Texture Spray.  Its light, managable, and dries quicky for that perfect messy, beachy feel.  Its the best for super straight hair, or silky hair you’d like to “roughen up”.

Shu Uemura’s innovation has impacted the world with his take on beauty, feminity, and the essence of a woman.  Even though he has passed away, his legacy will live on! He has been an inspiration to me since the begining of my career.  Thank you Mr. Uemura.

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    Where can I get them? I need help with my shoulder length frizzy hair :/

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