Straight Hair Tutorial – Please help my boring straight hair!

If you have boring stragith hair this tutorial is for you!

People always ask me, “How do I make my curls stay?”

I always reply to them, “Did you set them and let them cool?!?!?”

80 % of the time the answer is no! By simply investing in some velcro rollers and duck bill clips can help you make your super straight hair finally do something!

The trick is to heat up the hair strand, wether blowdrying, ironing, flat ironing, or curling with a flat iron, once the section has been curled or blown out, wind it around a velcro roller and use duckbill clips to secure both sides.

Let your hair cool for at least 20 minutes and take out your rollers.

I guarantee you will be amazed!!!

By smaller rollers if you want more curl!


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