Thank you Twitter Fans for always making my day!

You man not know it, but I try to read as many tweets as I possibly can!  I don’t have a chance to retweet or respond to them all the time, so I wanted to make a dedicated post to some of my favorite tweets that make me smile!

Jen So@MissSoandSo

@DavenMayeda inspires me to start taking care of my hair : ) and knowing healty hair is the key to beautiful hair.

Maureene Adelle C.@mauradelcast92

Every time I watch @DavenMayeda‘s videos, makes me wish he can do my hair everyday. I’d look fabulous all the time. I want a hair BFF! :D

Maya@fmbl2 @DavenMayeda I remade @RiceBunny ‘s spring delight braid, i rolled my hair on my head once more coz its so long, and my bf LOVED it >,<

Thank you for being in my life!!

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