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Cornrows and Red Lips? Whats going on?

Hi Everyone! I recently did a photoshoot for a magazine and we created this awesome look for Fall. I did big sections of french braids going backwards towards the nape of the neck. Then I took the braids and braided them into a low side braid. I know, I know, you might think you’re gonna [...]

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OMG hair growing pills???

Viviscal? WTH? Hair growth in a pill version? I have heard many things about this product? It is said to grow fuller hair guaranteed! Some people say it works, some people have heard of it working, and some people say it doesn’t do a thing. Have you had success with this product??? I would love [...]

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My Face Is Melting

Summer is definately a warm time for me. I live in Southern California and it gets up into the 90s and 100s here sometimes. I’ve noticed that my skin gets really dry much faster during the summer than it does during the winter. Maybe thats because i’m a greaseball and whenever there is a little [...]

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Urban Warrior

What happens when you’re a girl that isn’t really into pink, glitter, and sparkles? Do you ever feel like an Urban Warrior just trying to come out of the mainstream bubble gum world? You don’t HAVE to curl your hair for prom, homecoming, and to go on a date. Its ok to make messy braids, [...]

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Wash that dirty face!

Girl, I KNOW you don’t wash your face every day and every night! Because I know I sure don’t! It is so important however to get all of those little dead skin cell suckers off of your face at night. You don’t want to suffocate your skin! Don’t forget to bug your dad, brother, boyfriend [...]

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