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Thank you Twitter Fans for always making my day!

You man not know it, but I try to read as many tweets as I possibly can!  I don’t have a chance to retweet or respond to them all the time, so I wanted to make a dedicated post to some of my favorite tweets that make me smile! Jen So ‏ @MissSoandSo @DavenMayeda inspires […]

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“I live in a dry state, what products should I use?” Twitter Fan Question from @SuChanNoir

  @SuChanNoir asked me, “I have a friend that lives in a rather dry state, and the shampoo she uses isn’t helping. any suggestions?” Great questions! Most people don’t know this but dry hair can unruly hair can be caused by hard water or water that has been treated by the city. Mineral deposits can […]

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“How can someone start taking better care of their hair?” Facebook Fan Question

Amanda Harper asked me, “How can someone start taking better care of their hair after years of abuse and neglect? Amanda! There is hope for girls like you! Here are some things to remember whenever you want to start taking better care of your hair. 1.  Try not to sleep with wet hair! It will […]

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“Does horse shampoo really work to stregnthen your hair?”

Vivi Olmedo asked me “Hi Daven! Do you know if horse shampoo really works to strengthen hair? Hi Vivi! Ironically, many people SWEAR by Mane N’ Tail shampoo and conditioner.  Women all around the world buy this horse shampoo because they are convinced it thickens, moisturizes, and strengthens their hair! If you have thin or […]

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Twitter Fan Question from @JessicaHedleyMT

@JessicaHedleyMT asked me “How often should I trim my split ends?” Great question Jessica! Its important to trim your split ends every six weeks, or whenever they are blatantly visible. You don’t always have to go to the salon to get a trim, watch this tutorial and learn how to do it at home! Just […]

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