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How to pin up your bangs without a bobby pin!

Sometimes when you’re in pe class or on the go you don’t have time to find a bobby pin in your purse.  my friend cindy vela and i are going to show you a way to pin up your bangs without using a bobby pin. Take a square section from your bangs and comb them […]

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Hm. . .what kind of hairspray is the a good “Non-Hairspray Hairspray”?

“Non-Hairspray Hairspray”? If you know exactly what I mean when I say that, then you have been a victim of crispy, alcohol smelling, bad hairspray that probrably damaged your hair more then held it into place. Hairsprays that are lower quality have higher alcohol levels and can be very damaging to the locks you are […]

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Frizz Fighting Flat iron!

I have to say that for $40, the Remington Style Therapy Frizz-Resistant Flat Iron is totally worth the money! I know christmas is far away and you desperately need a flat iron now! I did lots of research and tried many brands of flat irons, but I  have come to the conclusion that this lil […]

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Help my frizzy hair!

Its time to party! If you have crazy frizzy hair and want to tame them down for an event, you can use a curling wand instead of a blowout for another option this season. I’m using a curl cream to piece out my friend’s curly locks after I wrap the ends around a 1/4′ curling […]

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Whats the best, quickest hairstyle for summer?

Are you a gal on the go and wondering what is the best, fastest hairstyle for summer? Messy braids hands down are my favorite for the season. You can really do a pretty braid in the morning, and by the end of the day, your braid will turn out messy. You can change into a […]

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I Hate My Short Hair

Are you trying to grow out your hair from a traumatic haircut? Are you ready for a change and trying longer locks this season? Are you sick of your hair that just wont grow? Whatever the reason in that you’re dreading your short hair, have no fear my dear! You can stick rock updos and […]

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I hate my boring hair!

I know, I know, boring hair is not the business. We all get sick and tired of sporting the same look everyday. When I was a kid, I always wanted a punk rock green mohawk, which I did myself and used PUNKY COLOUR to dye it. My mom was THRILLED about that lol. Now a […]

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Beachy Old Hollywood Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone! Here is a new tutorial I made with my Friend Elle Leary. She is a fab makeup artist in Los Angeles and we’re friendsies.  She lets me do whatever I want to her hair! I decided to do an undone beachy old hollywood hairstyle that wasn’t too perfect and a little bit messy. […]

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Remington Keratin Therapy

There are so many flat irons on the market! How do you know which one to buy! I’m all about a great price and an effective product. I know that not everyone can buy the most expensive iron on the market, and if you are on a budget this summer try investing your hard earned […]

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