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Cornrows and Red Lips? Whats going on?

Hi Everyone! I recently did a photoshoot for a magazine and we created this awesome look for Fall. I did big sections of french braids going backwards towards the nape of the neck. Then I took the braids and braided them into a low side braid. I know, I know, you might think you’re gonna [...]

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Whats the best, quickest hairstyle for summer?

Are you a gal on the go and wondering what is the best, fastest hairstyle for summer? Messy braids hands down are my favorite for the season. You can really do a pretty braid in the morning, and by the end of the day, your braid will turn out messy. You can change into a [...]

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Is ombre hair out of style???

Are you sick of seeing ombre hair? Do you think its out of style? Do you still love it? These questions always pop into my message box from fans around the world. I love ombre that looks natural, I also love ombre that looks wild and crazy! When it all comes down to it, I’m [...]

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Curly Hair Trends

Hey all of your curly girls! I’ve seen so many curly hair trends this summer I can’t write them all! Here are my top three secrets to keeping your mop from looking like SideShow Bob =) 1. Air Dry Air Dry Air Dry! Did I say Air Dry? Air Drying your hair will help your [...]

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Summer Haircut Trends

Hey all of you out there! Are you bored with your ooober boring hair? I’ve been seeing so many wavy locks paired with blunt bangs this summer. Tell you stylist to chop your fringe off and experiment! You can blame it one me if it looks really bad hahahaha Ask you hairstylist what they think [...]

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Hairstyles for Round Faces!

Hi Everyone! We all have different face shapes, but blunt bangs, shoulder length crisp, square layers and choppy face framing layers can give your face a glow like you never had before! Try one of these cuts the next time you visit your stylist!! XOXO Daven You Bff! If you’re a DIY kind of girl, [...]

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I’m all about transitioning and natural hair.  We know now that sulfides and other harsh chemicals can comprise the integrity of your curl pattern, expecially with mixed races.  Curly hair can be a challenge to manage, and can take lots of practice and trial and error.  There are new revolutionary product lines dedicating their business [...]

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Product Line of the Week – L’anza Healing Haircare

As you’ve noticed by now, i’m a huge believe in “healing haircare.”  That is exactly what this Product Line of the Week’s motto is all about.  L’anza Healing Haircare is a product line devoted to preserving the integrity of the hair.  They’re not too expensive and have great scents and packaging. Some of my favorites [...]

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Do you have super straight hair and having trouble getting body? Technology advances has helped the hair industry tremendously! Irons catered towards different hair types and textures have changed the way we go about waving our hair.  Clipless irons have been a popular trend since the launch of Enzo Milano’s Clipless Iron. My favorite iron [...]

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  Sixth months ago I had the honor of working with Disney’s Lemonade Mouth star Hayley Kiyoko.  She has been in numerous feature films and is one of the new faces and young talent propelling the next generation onto the silver screen.  Haley’s hair is amazing to work with.  I used big barrel irons on [...]

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