Makeup Tip of the Day! Lip Balm! October 4, 2013

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Beauty Tip of the day! Halloween is right around the corner!

Halloween has got to be one of my favorite holidays! Its the only that zombies, faeries, ghouls, and celebrity impersonations can been seen at the same place all having fun! I’m going to be doing lots of celebrity transformations this month on my Youtube Channel.

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If you’re looking for the perfect costume this year and want to think outside of the box and opt out of being something pretty, try a dead bride, zombie fashion mogul, or a vampire vixen!

Whatever you decide to choose, please be safe this year and don’t drink and drive!

This Blood Line kit has fake blood, flesh, and all you would need to create amazing effects and add some drama to your costume! I think i’m going to be a mad scientist this year!!!!

Here are some of my tips when using fake blood and special effecds

1.  Always make sure you cover EVERYTHING that the fake blood might drip on. IE tablecloths, clothes, valuables etc.  These pigments (Especially Red) are very difficult to wash out and can leave stains!

2.  Now days, most of these products are NON-Toxic, but always double check when buying products for children!

3.  Don’t eat candy from strangers! Make sure its sealed and from a known source! Safety First!

What are you going to dress up as? What are your plans?






Hair Trend of the Day! October 2, 2013 Lanvin SS 2013 Paris Fashion Week

While were still in the midst of the buzz of paris fashion week, I figured it would be great to feature all of the looks from one of my favorite fashion hairstylists in the business.
Redken Creative Consultant Guido created an easy, natural style at the Spring 2013
Lanvin show in Paris, France.

The Collection was packed full of well-cut, wearable looks for a “today’s woman” What perfect way to compliment the clothes than by pairing it a beautiful flowing texture.

“At Lanvin today, the hair is back to very natural. It’s beautiful yet easy, with an emphasis on texture and tucked behind the ears. She’s a very cool girl, and the teasing we did gave her a little bit of attitude.”
-Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Here some of my tips on how to get this lovely undone hair.

1.  Rough blowdry your hair with your favorite blow dry lotion.

2. Create a deep side part and blow dry hair until its completely dry.

3.  Gently tease your roots to add some texture and tuck your hair behind your ears to give it some bend away from your face.

4.  Wrap your ends around a large barrel iron if you need to tame some frizz.  Leave the ends on the straighter side to help keep it undone.

xoxo Have fun with your hair fashion!

What are some of your favorite runway trends from this season?????

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Hair Tip of the Day! October 1st!

Christian Dior had a beautiful Spring Summer show for 2013.
The refined, chic collection of the Paris Runway Dior Show was nothing less than breathtaking.

Guido, Creative Consultant for Redken, created an amazing look for the show with a couple twists on the classic ponytail.

“We did a low, shiny ponytail at Dior today, and it’s important to note that it
really complements the very dramatic eye that Pat McGrath did. It’s not frilly
but it’s very strong, very utilitarian. The simplicity of the ponytail gives this
stripped-back feeling that I was going for.” -Guido Creative Consultant for Redken

Guido chose to use the Redken Satinwear prepping blow dry lotion to give a sleek, manageable shine to all of the models hair. This magical lotion will help to reduce friction and breakage for a faster, easier blowout!

Here are a couple of my tricks when using a blowdry lotion like this one.

1.  Always distribute the majority of the product on midshaft of your hair and work your way to the ends! If lots of product gets distributed to your scalp and roots, you may end up looking greasy, crazy, and homeless =)

2.  Try to blow dry your hair in small 1/4″ sections.  Be patient and take your time, it will be worth it! Wrap your hair around a velcro roller if you have curly hair to help it set straight while it cools.

XOXO Happy Blowdrying!


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My make up kit is a mess. . . . . Help me!!


Have you guys ever seen this thing???? Its a new company based in Los Angeles!

I heard there was quite a bit of gossip about these luxurious Ice Boxes by local celebrities and I just had to find out what the buzz was from the owner herself!

So here’s the deal, each of these items are hand made and one of a kind.

I always react very weary when I see new products at shows.   I am always picky about design, hinges, drawer depths, capacities, durability, movability (Because I like to move stuff around alot =(!) amongst other things.

I have all of my makeup in plastic drawers from Walmart. . .not no glamorous.  Don’t get my wrong, my professional kit looks amazing, but my STORAGE kits look really bad.  I think I found a way to finally make every VISIBLE!!! AHHHH!!! Why do drawer companies make more drawers that are see through???? AHHH!! Where is everything??!

SherrieBlossom, Thanks for Feng Shui-ing my life with your lovely drawers.  I”m gonna get one for my mom so she can make a little vanity.  OMG its almost Christmas!!

Check them out if you get a chance!
Thank you so much for all of your love!

What organization tips do you have with your makeup? Maybe you can help me organize my set bags!!!! Any Ideas for fast ways to organize makeup?



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TGIF Instagram Pictures!

Hey everyone!

So the month of August had some very special moments for me!

I got to buy some amazing Nepenthes plants and created an indoor habitat.

Shay Mitchell attened a couple of awesome events and I styled her hair with makeup artist Crystal Boyce

I went to the Fall Issue of Genlux 2012 Magazine’s Lauch Party and my jacket was like 2 sizes too big because i lost 10 pounds lol.

I went to Chriselle Lim’s Beautiful wedding! I had to leave early because I wasn’t feeling that great, but she looked beautiful!

Photoshoot after photoshoot I styled tons of model’s hair this month for lots of different advertising and beauty lines.

Pictures coming soon!

What are you doing this weekend??? What did you do for the month of AUGUST? I want to know!

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Hm. . .what kind of hairspray is the a good “Non-Hairspray Hairspray”?

“Non-Hairspray Hairspray”?

If you know exactly what I mean when I say that, then you have been a victim of crispy, alcohol smelling, bad hairspray that probrably damaged your hair more then held it into place.

Hairsprays that are lower quality have higher alcohol levels and can be very damaging to the locks you are trying to grow out.

I like a variety of hairsprays, but one of my favorites right now is the Kenra Art Formation Finishing Spray. It gives lots of volume, and a crushable hold great for holding up any style.

Photography by Ben Cope, Makeup by Roshar

Here are some of my tips when using hairspray

1. Always spray it about 12 inches away from your hair and spray it in circular motions to help diffuse the mist.

2.  Let your hair dry before doing too much to it.  Some hairsprays are working hairsprays, which are meant to be used before ironing and teasing, but others, like this one from Kenra, is a finishing spray, meant to freeze your style into place while giving it a touchable hold.

3.  Keep your hairspray cans away from your curling irons! Your hairspray can and will explode if left next to a curling iron while its on full heat! Beauty is fun but always be careful!!!

What is your favorite hairspray????

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I hate my hair, I hate my life, I hate saying the word hate

I always focus on the the negative things in life first before I realize the positive.  Its just the way I was built.  I now train myself to think about the good things about myself before I let negative thoughts into my mind.

Try this next time you’re having a “not so fresh day”

Lavandula Angustifolia- One of my favorite flowers =) Keeps me happy =)

Affirmation 1-

“I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life, and tommorow will always be a brand new begining.”

Affirmation 2 -

“My car sucks, my class sucks, I hate my hair, I hate my neighbors, I hate this that etc.. . .

Try replacing the word “Hate” with “dislike” or “Do not Like”.  Hate is such a strong word, and you should stay far from it =) Yaaay world peace!

Affirmation 3-

“I don’t need to know where I will be tommorow, all I need to know is that I have today!”

I know you girls get a little catastrphic “Once a month” so yeah, hopefully one of these affirmations will help ease your “End Of The World Blues”

I love you!

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Help my Flat hair!

“Help me my hair is sooooo flat!” – Annie F.

Hi everyone, I always get tweets about how to help you all take care of your hair! I just can’t fit all of my advice on the little Twitter msg box =( Its so frustrating!

One of my BFF’s asked me what she should do for her super flat, stick striaight hair.

Here is my advice for flat hair in three easy steps.

1.  Change Shampoos-  Constantly using the same shampoo can result in buildup and can weigh your hair down, especially if you have fine hair.

2.  Let your hair dry in a top knot.  Let your hair dry in a loose top knot bun to help boost up the roots during the drying process.  Make sure your hair isn’t super tight, or else you might break off more than you’d like =( Super sad face.

3.  Try a volume dry shampoo! I love the Volume Maker by Shu Uemura.  I recently reviewed it for the Fall Issue of Genlux Magazine as one of my top 10 Picks that will Perk up your hair this fall!

Shop Online! Http://

What are some of your advice for achieving mega volume? I want to know!




Fall Fashion and Beauty Tricks and Tips!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that the new issue of GENLUX magazine is out!

It has Kendall Jenner on the cover and she looks OOOOBER Fabulous!

I have a couple articles as well that I have written in the magazine.

Be sure to check out my article “Beauty Tress Trends” on Page 107! – It is a compilation of all of my favorite hair products that help repair and sooth the hair strand, one by one, day by day.

On page 125 You will see my other article “Beauty By Nature” where I list all of the products that have natural botanical ingredients that really get my senses moving!

Thank you for all of your constant support!

Check out and get your copy today for super cool lifestyle and fashion!


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