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Two Broke Girls and One Fabulous hairstylist

Here is a billboard I did the hair for the TV Show “Two Broke Girls” I had tons of fun with the girls on set! They are hilarious and I wish them all of the success in the world! I also got the opportunity to work with songstress Lauren Alaina a few months back. I […]

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I Hate My Short Hair

Are you trying to grow out your hair from a traumatic haircut? Are you ready for a change and trying longer locks this season? Are you sick of your hair that just wont grow? Whatever the reason in that you’re dreading your short hair, have no fear my dear! You can stick rock updos and […]

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Is ombre hair out of style???

Are you sick of seeing ombre hair? Do you think its out of style? Do you still love it? These questions always pop into my message box from fans around the world. I love ombre that looks natural, I also love ombre that looks wild and crazy! When it all comes down to it, I’m […]

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I Hate Mondays, I’m Sleepy

WAKE UP! It is monday, you’re stuck in history class pretending to pay attention and texting your friend in english class. Boredom is a friend that I have known for a long time who I see often. Why don’t they teach us in school what to do when were bored or how to cure boredom??? […]

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Curly Hair Trends

Hey all of your curly girls! I’ve seen so many curly hair trends this summer I can’t write them all! Here are my top three secrets to keeping your mop from looking like SideShow Bob =) 1. Air Dry Air Dry Air Dry! Did I say Air Dry? Air Drying your hair will help your […]

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Wash that dirty face!

Girl, I KNOW you don’t wash your face every day and every night! Because I know I sure don’t! It is so important however to get all of those little dead skin cell suckers off of your face at night. You don’t want to suffocate your skin! Don’t forget to bug your dad, brother, boyfriend […]

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Love Your Freckles

Hey everyone! I got the opportunity to work on this beautiful girl from Los Angeles! She is half black and half white.  I did her hair and my friend Kimbery Barlow did her makeup. Chris Callaway shot the portraits and we worked together on designing the look. Just remember, you don’t always have to look […]

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Summer Haircut Trends

Hey all of you out there! Are you bored with your ooober boring hair? I’ve been seeing so many wavy locks paired with blunt bangs this summer. Tell you stylist to chop your fringe off and experiment! You can blame it one me if it looks really bad hahahaha Ask you hairstylist what they think […]

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