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Help my frizzy hair!

Its time to party! If you have crazy frizzy hair and want to tame them down for an event, you can use a curling wand instead of a blowout for another option this season. I’m using a curl cream to piece out my friend’s curly locks after I wrap the ends around a 1/4′ curling […]

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I Hate My Short Hair

Are you trying to grow out your hair from a traumatic haircut? Are you ready for a change and trying longer locks this season? Are you sick of your hair that just wont grow? Whatever the reason in that you’re dreading your short hair, have no fear my dear! You can stick rock updos and […]

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I get embarrased alot =(

Hey everyone! Its always weird to me when I see pictures of myself or articles written by other people about me. I guess I forget that I’m a celebrity hairstylist/Youtube Guru! For some reason, you all really like my videos, and for some stranger reason, you all really like me! Thank you for supporting me, […]

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I hate my boring hair!

I know, I know, boring hair is not the business. We all get sick and tired of sporting the same look everyday. When I was a kid, I always wanted a punk rock green mohawk, which I did myself and used PUNKY COLOUR to dye it. My mom was THRILLED about that lol. Now a […]

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Love Your Freckles

Hey everyone! I got the opportunity to work on this beautiful girl from Los Angeles! She is half black and half white.  I did her hair and my friend Kimbery Barlow did her makeup. Chris Callaway shot the portraits and we worked together on designing the look. Just remember, you don’t always have to look […]

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Watch my new video “Hairstyles for Round faces!”

Hey everyone ! Here is a video I did on hairstyles for round faces! I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a couple quick tips and tricks to solve all of your 90 Degree issues! Many of you had asked me how I got all of those wigs so shiny, and I used Andre […]

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Ponytail 101

Ponytails are GREAT for all of my LAZY BFFS! If you’re a gal on the go, you might want to watch my tutorial on all sorts of fashion ponytails.  I’ve broken down all of the different ways you can utilize parts and locations of the anchor of your ponytails to create amazing looks in seconds! […]

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Hairstyle of the Day! March 17, 2012

  Everyone loves easy, effortless side swept hair.  I just wrapped Chriselle’s hair with a 1/4″ iron and curled the ends to give a polished spring feel. I took small random sections the size of the iron and waved them away from her face I spray sections into place and used Shu Uemura Mineral Texture […]

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