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Party Updo Hair Tutorial – Braid Updo!

Michelle and I had so much fun creating this spring look! Its great to learn to braid in many ways.  It can expand your overall skill set in doing your own hair in a hurry! This braid is actually called a Dutchbraid in many parts of the world. Try using a pomade or wax to […]

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Straight Hair Tutorial – Please help my boring straight hair!

If you have boring stragith hair this tutorial is for you! People always ask me, “How do I make my curls stay?” I always reply to them, “Did you set them and let them cool?!?!?” 80 % of the time the answer is no! By simply investing in some velcro rollers and duck bill clips […]

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Long Hair Tutorial – Special Occasion Updo Side Braid Bun

This is a great tutorial for all of your long haired girls! Sometimes, when you have lots of layers, but very thin long hair, you won’t get quite the body you want to create a big enough bun to compliment your face.  By using a simple string and a braid, you can help volumize your […]

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Behind The Scenes! Hair Diaries- Zemotion Photoshoot with Michelle Phan

We had so much fun creating these pictures! Michelle, Zemotion, Jung and I took a trip out to Oxnard to have an amazing photoshoot! It was sooooo windy, Michelle’s hair was flying in her face everywhere, good thing I gave her wind proof hair! We prepped her hair at a local hotel where Zemotion was […]

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Ponytail 101

Ponytails are GREAT for all of my LAZY BFFS! If you’re a gal on the go, you might want to watch my tutorial on all sorts of fashion ponytails.  I’ve broken down all of the different ways you can utilize parts and locations of the anchor of your ponytails to create amazing looks in seconds! […]

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